Should I get a full share or half share?

We really believe that the full share is the best representation of the abundance and diversity of what our farm and our partner farms offer, but we do also offer half shares to members that prefer it.  All produce items for the full share are harvested with a full meal in mind.  We also find that many of our CSA members prefer to share a CSA share and find sustainability in partnering with a family member, neighbor, or colleague.  It becomes another valuable opportunity for community.  

How much food is in a weekly full share and half share?

Our CSA share proportions look and feel different based on the season.  In the spring and fall, the share is voluminous and in the summertime, it becomes quite dense. Full shares include an average of 7 different produce items in the share each week as well as Decimal Place goat cheese chevre occasionally.  We strive to include an amount of each produce item that is sufficient enough for a meal or side for families with the possibility of leftovers and a meal or side for two with leftovers. 

Half shares are exactly one half of a full share.  We also offer "seconds" of certain produce items for free to members as well as additional produce items for sale some weeks for folks that desire more of an item.