Love is Love Farm at Gaia Gardens

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Beginning in 2008 as the heart-work of Joe Reynolds and Judith Winfrey, Love is Love Farm aspired to demonstrate that young, land-less farmers can build a successful farming operation and actively serve the good food movement through mindful land stewardship. Love is Love Farm was hosted for three years at Glover Family Farm in Douglasville, Georgia and then moved to Gaia Gardens in Decatur, Georgia, back in 2011.    

Gaia Gardens is a 4-acre certified organic farm owned by the East Lake Commons.  Since 1998, the 67 homeowners of ELC have leased their farm to a landless farmer in exchange for stewarding and working with the land.  The homeowners have contributed and improved the resources of the farm each year through their HOA fees, making Gaia Gardens a premier working farm and one of the first in-town farms to be established in the Atlanta-area.  In line with the values of the community, Gaia Gardens was also one of the first Community Supported Agriculture farms in Georgia.  It remains a successful example for eco-communities throughout the US.  Gaia Gardens is currently leased by us, Love is Love Farm. 

Read about Gaia Gardens and her Farmers, here, scroll down to Page 4

The farm is certified organic and utilizes soil-based practices, such as continuous crop rotation, annual cover cropping, on-farm composting, conservation tillage, and old-fashioned hard-work, to cultivate the best and healthiest diversity of vegetables and fruit.    

Now that we have successfully completed 10 years of continuous operation, we still strive to grow healthy food.  We also aspire to sustain the success of farmers through collaboration.  This is done through employment of young farmers, our farmer collaborative CSA model, and servant leadership to the good food and farm community.