Pay by check 

All check payments, including Egg Shares and Frolona Farm Meat Shares should be made out to *Love is Love Farm CSA* and mailed to:

900 Dancing Fox Road, Decatur, GA, 30032

Membership Agreement and Application *
I, _______________, understand that… * CSA membership provides me with fresh, diverse, organic produce throughout the Winter Session for a total of 5 distributions every other week beginning in January 2018. *Members share in the risks and rewards of farming. I may receive more or less of a particular variety or crop. Love is Love at Gaia Gardens and Hungry Heart Farm attempt to protect all crops by carefully scheduling planting dates, irrigating as climate dictates, and growing lots of diversity. *Love is Love Farm CSA reserves the right to work with other local, certified organic vegetable and fruit growers from time to time to assure the widest possible diversity in my weekly share. *We partner with our good friend, Decimal Place Farm, to provide farmstead goat cheese from time to time. Decimal Place is not certified organic. *Love is Love Farm CSA will have a delicious share prepared for me weekly during the CSA season. If I am unable to make the regular pick-up hours, I can collect my vegetable share and the additional Evie's Country Gardens/Country Gardens Farm Egg Share from the farm walk-in cooler within three days of the distribution, have a friend collect my share, or ask to have it donated to a farm volunteer. Frolona Farm Meat Shares will be held in the farm freezer for 1 week after the distribution unless longer storage is requested in advance. *Membership offers discounts to special farm and educational events, discounts during seasonal plant sales, access to great coffee through the Grounds for Empowerment Coffee Buyers Club, access to visit the farm with your families and friends, and meaningful satisfaction that you are supporting soil, biodiversity, land stewardship, enterprise, and a farm business that strives to share your gift of support with their farm crew and food community.
Please indicate your share level. NOTE: *Annual Membership Fee - $20 (ONLY to be paid once a year by MEMBERS that are NOT resident of East Lake Commons or workshare members *
We're excited to announce that we are also accepting SNAP for CSA shares this year and partnering with Wholesome Wave Georgia to double the value of your SNAP benefits!
Please list your desired pick-up location: *
Please indicate your participation in the Egg Share. NOTE: all egg share checks should be added to your check to *Love is Love Farm CSA*
Please note eggs are not included in the regular share this year and we only have a limited number of shares available
Please indicate your participation in Frolona Farm Meat Shares. NOTE: all meat share checks should be added to your check to *Love is Love Farm CSA*
This year you can choose between two meat shares. We have Frolona Good Meat Shares and Frolona Premium Cuts Meat Shares; Bi-weekly meat shares begin on the first pick-up.
All checks, including Eggs Shares and Frolona Farm Meat Shares, should be made out to *Love is Love Farm CSA* and mailed to 900 Dancing Fox Road, Decatur, GA, 30032