We believe that there is no better way to promote healthy food than growing your own garden.  The Spring Plant Sale also helps us sustain year-round employment of our crew.

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On the farm: April 7-14, 2018

Grant Park Farmers Market & Freedom Farmers Markets: early April to mid-May

All of our plants are grown from seed at the farm, grown with worm castings for beneficial fungi and fertility, and potted up in plantable 3 x 3 inch Fertil peat pots to maintain healthy root systems and reduce waste. 


Preordering is a great way to ensure that we have the plants you need and also a way to pick up your plants at your convenience between Saturday, April 7, and Sunday, April 22. Preorders also help us maintain the cash flow to employ our young farmer staff year-round. 



Black Krim - Russian heirloom, medium to large purple, burgundy slicer, so good!

Brandywine (Sudduth Strain) – heirloom, mid-large pink, potato leaf type, rare

Rose de Berne – European heirloom, medium sized pink, dependable and delicious

Cuor di Bue – farm saved seed, ox heart shaped meaty red Italian heirloom, Joe favorite

Pink Berkley Tie Dye – heirloom, medium sized pink with green stripes, complex taste

Striped German – heirloom, large bi-colored yellow and red marbled variety, unique

Nebraska Wedding – heirloom, medium sized orange variety, mild and sweet

Cherokee Green – heirloom, medium sized green ripening variety, bold, sweet-tart

Moskovitch – early, Russian heirloom, open-pollinated red slicer, shorter bush habit

Park's Whopper - Hybrid, early medium red slicer, dependable, staff favorite

Beefy Boy - hybrid, large, big red fruit, beefsteak-type

Jaunne Flamme - French heirloom, saladette tomato, tangy, productive, staff favorite

Indigo Rose – saladette black tomato, high in antioxidants, slightly sour, unique

Stupice – extra early, Czech heirloom, delicious red saladette, disease resistant

Rutgers – medium-small red bred from older seedstock, “Jersey tomato” type

San Marzano – industry standard, reliable paste tomato type, bush habit, productive


Sungold - hybrid, golden cherry tomato, thin skin and sugary-sweet, super productive

Black Cherry - open-pollinated variety, large purple cherry tomato, sultry sweet!

Supersweet 100 hybrid, sweet round, red cherries, dependable

Purple Bumblebee – artisan purple, red striped cherry tomato

Pink Bumblebee – artisan pink, yellow striped cherry tomato

Sunrise Bumblebee – artisan yellow, orange striped cherry tomato

Lucky Tiger – artisan, elongated yellow and tomato with green stripes, sweet and tart

Green Tiger – artisan, elongated green and yellow tomato, mildly tart

Pink Tiger – artisan, elongated pink and yellow tomato, balanced flavor


Islander – hybrid, large purple bell pepper turning orange when ripe, market favorite

Jupiter – large green to red bell type, most productive picked as an unripe green pepper

Corno di Toro – Italian large bull’s horn type, dependable, productive

Lively Orange Bull’s Horn – green to gold medium sized pepper, very mild acidity

Lipstick – green to red medium-sized pepper, super-sweet, productive

Antohi Romanian – small-sized rocking pimiento variety, prolific

Sweet Chocolate – green to brown medium sized pepper, velvety texture

Jimmy Nardello’s Frying – heirloom frying pepper, also great for pickling, delicious

Sweet Banana – classic, small, super-sweet pepper, green to yellow to orange to red

Red Cheese Pimiento – classic small, round, flat pimiento cheese pepper, sweet


Aji Dulce – has the shape, size, and aroma of habanero, but sweet with a mild heat

Shishito – Japanese snacking variety, perfect for light frying green or red, prolific

Brazilian Orchid – unique flared flying saucers, sweet with a little spice around seeds

Hungarian Paprika – great balance of sweet and spicy, can also be dried for seasoning

Numex Joe E. Parker – traditional Anaheim pepper bred out of original NM hatch chiles

Ancho Poblano – medium heat frying pepper from Puebla, MX, thick walled

Devil’s Kiss Piccante Calabrese – classic Italian pickling peppers, round variety

Padron - open-pollinated, traditional Spanish roulette frying pepper, sweet when small and green, some have serious heat while others do not, hot when ripened red


Wenk's Yellow Hots - heirloom, medium hot, oblong yellow to red peppers, bush habit

Jalafuego – hybrid jalapeno, super prolific large jalapenos

Joe’s Long Cayenne – heirloom cayenne variety, long tapered fruit, hot

Habanero – hot, orange ripening type, citrusy and bright

Tobasco – famous Louisiana heirloom, thin skinned, prolific, farm-saved seed

Fish – heirloom, hot, striped pepper traditionally used for white paprika, rare

Aji Limon (Lemon Drop) – citrusy Peruvian pepper ripening yellow, thin-skinned

Hinkelhatz - heirloom, "chicken heart" hot pepper, great for cooking and pepper vinegar

GhostCAUTION!!!  One of the hottest peppers!  Indonesian variety, great flavor, but registers at 1,000,000 on the Scoville chart.  We seed them wearing gloves and goggles!

EGGPLANT, Tomatillo, and Ground Cherry VARIETIES

Nadia Eggplant - hybrid, dependable, traditional, large, tear-shaped black eggplant

Rosita Eggplant – round, pink tear-shaped eggplant, very tender

Pingtung Long Eggplant - heirloom, Japanese-style eggplant, productive

Cisineros Grande Tomatillo – highly productive, large fruited, tart, great for salsa

Goldie Ground Cherry – tomatillo relative with paper husk, sweet and super unique


Cajun Jewel Okra - Productive green variety

Burgundy Okra - Red, heirloom variety, beautiful


Marketmore 76 Cucumber– classic green slicer, dependable and prolific

Green Finger Cucumber – thin-skinned green cukes, Beit Alpha Type, productive

Salt and Pepper Cucumber – cream colored speckled, miniature cuke, delicious

Lemon Cucumber– Heirloom, round, yellow variety, cruchy and juicy

Mexican Sour Gherkin – thin-vined teeny sour cucumber, prolific, unique


Yellow Straightneck Squash – classic yellow straightneck type, dependable

Midnight LIghtning Zucchini –  zucchini with medium sized plant habit

Ronde de Nice Squash – heirloom, round 8-ball type, delicious


Genovese Basil– green large leaf basil, productive

Purple Opal Basil – purple leaf basil

Holy Basil– also known as sacred or tulsi, delicious fruity basil, great for cocktails

Sweet Thai Basil – robust Thai variety; anise sweetness

Lime Basil – unique lime tasting, citrusy basil variety

Shiso, Britton type – Japanese mint variety, clove-like, bi-colored leaves

Papalo – traditional Mexican herb with heavy cilantro overtones, unique

Summer Thyme – classic thyme variety, more heat tolerant

Greek Oregano – classic wild oregano, skunky and sweet

Zaatar – Mediterranean herb tasting somewhere in between marjoram and oregano

Broadleaf Sage – classic green sage, bush habit, pungent

Mexican Tarragon – sweet, licorice-like herb, more pungent and hardy than French type

Lovage – bushy, celery-like herb

Red Veined Sorrel – beautiful, sour herb, leaves are great for salads and garnishes

Lemon Balm - deeply lemon scented herb, great with fish

Anise Hyssop – also know as Korean mint, bush habit, delicious Anise scent with flowers

Bronze Fennel – perennial variety produces delicious fronds and flower with pollen

Borage – upright edible flower with blue-white blooms that taste like a sweet melon

Nasturtiums – peppery edible blossoms and leaves

Calendula (Pot Marigold) – edible petals for salads and garnish


Little Gem Lettuces (2 heads) - green, bronze, and red little gem lettuces

Rainbow Chard – edible stems and leaves, heat tolerant

Red Russian Kale – oak-leaf type, purple and green, most heat tolerant variety of kale

Siberian Curly Kale - green leaf type, standard

Lacinato Kale - heirloom, dark-green, savoy type, "dino" kale