How does the Love is Love Farm CSA work?

We offer two different 16-week main season sessions, Spring Session and Summer/Fall Session, and a shorter Winter Session each year to cover the range of our long growing season here in Georgia. 

Spring Session (April-August)

The first session begins in the spring and continues through the middle of the Summer. 

Summer/Fall Session (August-December)

The second session runs consecutively after the first, beginning in the middle of the summer and continues through until the middle of December.   

Winter Session (January-March)

The winter session begins in early January and continues through the beginning of March.  It is distributed every two weeks for 5 total pick-ups.

Pick Up Locations

We have two CSA pick-up locations during the week: Wednesday afternoons on the farm in East Lake and Sunday mornings off of North Druid Hills and I-85 at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta near Brookhaven.

What's in a CSA?

CSA members receive the best, most diverse, delicious selection of certified organic vegetables and fruit from Love is Love Farm at Gaia Gardens and our CSA farm partner, Hungry Heart Farm, as well as an occasional distribution of farmstead goat cheese chevre from Decimal Place Farm (Conley, GA).  Decimal Place Farm is not certified organic.  We offer vegetable substitutions if you do not prefer goat cheese.  We do source certified organic produce from time to time as needed from other local farm friends.  This year we are unable to offer eggs as part of the regular CSA share, but we do have a limited number of Egg Shares available and will offer extra eggs for sale as they are available from our CSA farm partners, Evie's Country Garden (Waco, GA) and Country Garden Farms (Newnan, GA). Neither Evie's Country Garden nor Country Garden Farms are certified organic.  Below are the produce varieties destined for the field for our Spring Session, Summer/Fall Session, and Winter Sessions.

Spring Session (April-August):  Arugula, Asian greens, beans, carrots, chard, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, fennel, figs, green garlic, herbs, kale, lettuces, melons, okra, pac choy, potatoes, radishes, shiitake mushrooms, strawberries, summer squash, sweet basil, spicy greens mix,  spring onions, sweet onions, sweet peppers, sweet potato greens, sunflower shoots, sweet turnips, and tomatoes

Summer/Fall Session (August-December):  Arugula, Asian greens, beans, beets, braising greens, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, chard, cherry tomatoes, edamame, eggplant, endive, fall squash, fennel, garlic, herbs, kale, lettuces, muscadines, okra, pac choy, peanuts, potatoes, radishes, shiitake mushrooms, spicy greens mix, shishito peppers, sweet basil, sweet onions, sweet peppers, sweet potatoes, sunflower shoots, and turnips.  

Winter Session (January-March):  Arugula, Asian greens, beets, braising greens, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, chard, endive, fall squash, herbs, kale, lettuces, pac choy, radishes, shiitake mushrooms, spicy greens mix, spinach, sweet potatoes, sunflower shoots, and turnips.

Click here for Harvest Calendar.

The cost of the 2018 Winter Session CSA is $140 for FULL SHARES and $75 for HALF SHARES.  Half shares are exactly one half of full shares.  Payment can be made in full or by deposit by check or here online.

What doES CSA Membership include?

  • 6-7 delicious items each week of membership from Love is Love Farm at Gaia Gardens and Hungry Heart Farm, as well as occasional farmstead goat cheese from Decimal Place Farm.  
  • Opportunities to participate in the optional meat share options from Frolona Farm and/or egg share from Evie's Country Garden and Country Garden Farms.
  • Access to visit the farm, which can include just coming and strolling around with your family, volunteer opportunities, work days, or school visits for your children, all to be arranged in advance.  We also host several events, such as our Spring Plant Sale, farm dinners, big parties, and educational events, throughout the year to encourage members to visit the farm and we offer member discounts for any events that have a cost.
  • Opportunities for pre-orders and sales from some our favorite food producers including Frolona Farm, Grounds for Empowerment Coffee Buyers Club, La Calavera Bread, Grateful Pastures (Mansfield, GA) pastured chicken, and cut flowers to accentuate your CSA distribution.
  • Knowing that the benefits of your weekly participation are humongous in helping provide a framework for better management and planning of our complex farm systems as well as increasing the sustainability of our livelihoods.

What are the additional Egg Share and Frolona Farm Meat Share options?


This year we are unable to offer eggs as part of the regular CSA share, but we do have a limited number of Egg Shares available and will offer extra eggs for sale as they are available from our CSA farm partners, Evie's Country Garden (Waco, GA) and Country Garden Farms (Newnan, GA).  A full dozen eggs is distributed every other week during the Spring and Summer/Fall Sessions and every pick-up for 5 distributions during the Winter Session.  Neither Evie's Country Garden nor Country Garden Farms are certified organic.

The cost for the 2018 Winter Session Egg Share is $31.25.  Payment can be made in full by check or here online.


Frolona Farm raises grass-fed and finished beef and pastured pork in Franklin, GA.   Meat Shares are distributed bi-weekly for a total of 8 deliveries (every other pick up) during each Spring Session and Summer/Fall Session and 5 total deliveries (every pick up) during the Winter Session.  All meat comes frozen.  Frolona offers two different shares.  Frolona Farm is not certified organic. 

1)  The Good Meat Share includes a rotation of grass-fed and finished ground beef, beef roasts, pastured pork sausage, and pork chops. 

2) The Premium Cuts Meat Share will include the delicious bi-weekly Good Meat Share plus premium cuts of grass-fed and finished steaks, pastured pork chops, and nitrate-free hickory smoked bacon.  

The cost for the 20189 Winter Session Frolona Farm Good Meat Share is $87.50.  The cost for the Frolona Farm Premium Cuts Meat Share is $175.  Payment can be made in full or by deposit by check or here online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a CSA?

The use of CSA’s as a model for producer-consumer exchange began independently in Japan and Europe during the twentieth century in response to globalization and increasingly large-scale industrial agriculture.  Offsetting the start-up costs of seeds and supplies, families pre-paid for the portions of the coming crop, sharing the risks and rewards of the season.  In Atlanta today, CSA structures have myriad shapes and sizes, but all support the belief that a close farmer-consumer relationship promotes freshness and quality of food and combats the environmental costs of the long distances typically traveled from field to plate.  Our CSA seeks to facilitate a close relationship with our members, while providing a weekly share of the freshest and best food from our seasonal harvests.

Should I get a full share or half share?

We really believe that the full share is the best representation of the abundance and diversity of what our farm and our partner farms offer, but we do also offer half shares to members that prefer it.  All produce items for the full share are harvested with a full meal in mind.  We also find that many of our CSA members prefer to share a CSA share and find sustainability in partnering with a family member, neighbor, or colleague.  It becomes another valuable opportunity for community.  

How much food is in a weekly full share and half share?

Our CSA share proportions look and feel different based on the season.  In the spring and fall, the share is voluminous and in the summertime, it becomes quite dense. Full shares include 7-8 different produce items in the share each week as well as Decimal Place goat cheese chevre occasionally.  We strive to include an amount of each produce item that is sufficient enough for a meal or side for families with the possibility of leftovers and a meal or side for two with leftovers. 

Half shares are exactly one half of a full share.  We also offer "seconds" of certain produce items for free to members as well as additional produce items for sale some weeks for folks that desire more of an item.  

What do I do if I cannot collect my share at the regular time?

We take immense pride in making sure that our CSA members collect their shares each week.  Being located in the city, our members can come to the farm up to three days after the regular pick up during business hours, 9am-5pm, to collect their share from our walk-in cooler for CSA shares and/or Egg Shares or our freezer unit for Frolona Farm Meat Shares.  Your share will be in a paper bag with your name on it just inside the door of the walk-in.  Meat shares will be bagged in the freezer.  If you cannot collect your share in the amount of time, we can attempt to hold it for longer with prior communication or donate it to a farm volunteer.

Should I bring my own bag?

You are always welcome to bring your own bag to pick-up, but we also have extra paper bags on hand if you need.