Love is Love Farm at Gaia Gardens aspires to sustain the success of farmers through market collaboration and capacity building


Frolona Farm has been a working family farm for over 120 years in the beautiful rolling hills of West Georgia.  Josh and Christina Davis raise grass-fed and finished beef and pastured pork on the farm and believe in offering the highest quality meats that, while being delicious, are also good for the land, the animals and the consumers. To achieve this they engage in sustainable land practices, do not treat their animals with steroids or antibiotics, and ensure that their animals are happy and treated humanely throughout their entire lives.


Decimal Place Farm is a dairy goat farm in Conley raising Saanen goats, the breed of beautiful white goats in the movie Heidi.   Operating since 1995, Mary Rigdon was one of the pioneers of sustainable goat husbandry and farmstead cheesemaking.  They are known throughout Atlanta for their world-class chevre, which is an incredibly mellow goat cheese.  Mary is a self-taught cheesemaker and regularly teaches popular classes about her work and passion for animals.

Rise n’ Shine Farm

Rise n’ Shine Farm is located in Calhoun, GA, where Mitch Lawson raises chickens on pasture for eggs. Rise n’ Shine also produces certified organic produce and has a great CSA as well!

 Grounds for Empowerment Buyers Club

This year, we are excited to continue to work with the team at Emory University's Center for Social Enterprise, Grounds for Empowerment Buyers Club.  They work with three female-run certified organic farms in northern Nicaragua, Finca El Oasis, Finca San Antonio, and Finca Alborada.   We will make announcements about monthly orders for bags of whole bean or ground coffee each month.  All orders will be aggregated and shipped directly to the CSA for pick-up during regular CSA distributions.